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WCS Team Australia 2011
Current Residence: Tassie
Favourite genre of music: Punk-Rock, Exotic, Soundtracks, Japanese, R&B
Favourite photographer: Sabrina Wong, Floatyman, Neil Creek, SarilX
Favourite style of art: Anime, Alternative Fashion
Favourite cartoon character: Your Mum
Personal Quote: No it's not weird, she's like my sister~!
Hello everyone, Tess reporting in here!

It's been so long since our last update!!! So much has happened, I'll try and cover it all in this one post, but first a little housekeeping!
Jess and I have been discussing for a while now about starting our own seperate DA accounts.  There are quite a few cosplays that we have done seperate from each other, and cosplays that we do with other people, or cosplays that we want to do that the other has no interest in, that we thought it was time to create seperate accounts!  8D

We shall continue to use this account for cosplays we do with each other, but we would love it if you guys could follow our seperate accounts as well :D

They are:… Tess

and… Jess

Tada! We so original ~ <3

Okay now onto the bigger news!!!


It's been a big journey! Originally when we won the Team Australia title we already had a costume and skit plan for the finals, then we got the new rules and set regulations and realised we couldn't go ahead with the skit we wanted and we couldn't seem to find another solution so we scrapped the whole idea. Next we found some amazing costumes that we were super excited to make, only to get our hands on the game they came from and discover there was nothing we could do with the skit.  So we were really stuck for quite a while on what cosplays to do. It was really difficult to find a series that:

a.) Was well-known enough to go over well with a Japanese audience
b.) Had characters suited to the both of us
c.) Had costumes interesting enough
d.) Would enable us to make an interesting skit

Eventually we settled on Vampire Hunter D, and while Jess already had a gorgeous design to work from with Carmilla as she appears in the movie, I drew upon Amano's beautiful artwork to build up D so that it was an interesting enough for the stage.  We collaborated closely to match our fabrics and trims as much as the two outfits would allow.  We really powerhoused through the last few months leading up to WCS to get the costumes completed because we lost a lot of time with decision process, but I guess all our effort paid off!!!  

The Japan trip was utterly EXHAUSTING but it was BEYOND WONDERFUL, and we met so so sooooooooooo many talented cosplayers, not only the other teams, but Japanese cosplayers, and other cosplayers who had come along to support their countries.  So many friends were made, some that we miss dearly, and the whole atmosphere of WCS was so supportive and giving.  Everyone got along so well, and the whole trip was like one giant whirlwind party!!! And we did so much shopping! @_@  Jess bought loads of brand clothing and I bought many figures and wigs!!! XD   TO ALL THE TEAMS, WE MISS YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH! THE MEMORIES WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH!!

We would really like to take the time to say thank you to our amazing Australian entourage, who both assisted us here in Australia and on the Japan trip. We would not have survived the trip without them.

:iconk-tetsu: :iconcielroses: :icontori-chan-art: :iconkuukun: Billy Tea, and Widya Santoso.

We would not have mantained our sanity without you all.  Thank you for all the time you gave up to help dress us, makeup us, carry our sets everywhere, translate for us, constructing and destructing the set, photog us, blog on behalf of us, become Russian overnight with us, force us to rehearse until we dropped, and then made us rehearse more, help us finish all the wig styling, bring us water when we needed it, cheer for us, support us, and generally just being there whenever we needed something or someone. We could not have achieved all we did without you guys. From the very bottom of our hearts, thank you! <3
Dasvidaniya from the motherland!!

We'd also like to say a special thankyou to Lexis, who donated a lot of time and energy to help Jess bring her vision into life!
-Gluing hair buns for Chibi Moon wig
-Sourcing wig seller for Carmilla and Chibi Moon Wigs
-Adding wefts to Carmilla Wig hairline and gluing hair to tube extensions.
-design and construction of Gizmo the Vampire Bat with :iconcadaverous013:
-all your ongoing support and motivation talker
And Tris<3 :iconcadaverous013: for all the motivational cups of tea!
Thank you from the both of us!!!

:icontsubaki-chan: :iconamenokitarou: :iconslykura:

These guys came along on the Madman Championship prize trip and still gave up some of their time to help and support us!!!
Thank you so much for everything, all of you!! <3

A very special thankyou to our organiser, friend, and Okaa-san :iconwakaleo:

WHERE WOULD WE BE WITHOUT YOU KENNY?! Thank you so much for being our alarm clock, our parent!!! (XD), our motivater, our organiser, our supplier of food, our guide, our encourager, our cheerleader, our schedule, our provider of wisdom and know-how, and most importantly, our wonderful friend! All our hugs and love forever and ever!!! <3 <3

And finally, HUGE thank you's to our families and to everyone who sent messages and emails, both here, on facebook, on youtube, to our phones, or to our houses!!!  We can't believe how lucky we were to have so much support and love from the Australian community, we hope we made you proud! <3

We'd also like to take this time to say a big congratulations to :iconamenokitarou: and :icontsubaki-chan: who we handed over our title to, and who will do a fantastic job of representing Australia in Japan for WCS 2012!  Congratulations to all the other teams in this year's competition as well! Everyone did a great job, there was so much talent and so many surprises and it can only get better next year!!! We hope you all enter again!

So that's about it from us! Sorry it's been such an essay!!
Time to kick back, take it easy, and start work on some new epic costumes now we no longer have to focus on WCS!
Thank you for having us as your representatives, it has been a blast!

Lots of Love
Jess and Tess
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  • Playing: Glee Music (oh see what we did thar?)
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Hey lady! ^0^
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Take care! :P
Mika xxx
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congratulations for win
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OMG your the winners of the WCS of 2011!!!
you's made such spectacual outfit for the finals! the detail was soooooo amazing. you are like cosplay gods to me!!!!! oh I apologise for going all fangirl. how embarrassing...i just love your costumes.
haraju2girls Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2012
Tess: AWWW, thank you so much! ~ :heart:
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Upload that picture that's on the front of the calendar!!! It's epic!!!!
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Tess: Thanks Rachel! :heart:
I shall try and get our WCS photos up next week, I'm fairly pushed for time with work atm!
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You did amazing! Congratulations on receiving the Brother Award at WCS!! <3<3<3
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